"A sumptuous visual feast with a decidedly offbeat and engaging plot . . . A fantastic cast that totally sells the absurdity of their situation." - Rue Morgue Magazine

"An intense and gory little surprise of a horror film . . . Highly recommended for those with a strong stomach and an appreciation for thematic heft." - Ain't It Cool News

"Gnarly, graphic and in your face . . . The movie is a grisly trip - one to experience." - Filmbizarro.com

"Brilliant style . . . a truly joyous experience indeed for all fans of splatter!" - ExtremeHorrorCinema.com

"A high-tempo celebration of backwoods depravity . . . Slew Hampshire delivers the gore." - Film Threat

"Somewhere between 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'I Spit On Your Grave' permeates a nightmare so insane that only Hell could handle its girth.  This is that nightmare.

          The story is elevated, next-level insanity; the characters are dark and evolved." - A Southern Life In Scandalous Times

​"A lethal concoction of hillbilly horror, cannibal caper and creature feature, infused with black humour and copious amounts of violent carnage to create one of the most

          gleefully gruesome movies you're likely to see this year." - Attack Of The Couch Potato

"American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is the kind of indie horror movie every filmmaker should aspire to make . . . With a great story, incredible acting, and some

          extremely brutal practical gore effects, you'll almost forget that your watching an indie." - The Film Splice

"A really weird, yet endlessly intriguing, disturbing film that is like a car wreck you can't look away from, and don't want to . . .

          It's one of those films where the journey, the ride, isn't just half the fun; it's the entire point." - The Horror Honeys

"The film really is unlike anything out there right now and quickly sets itself apart from other indie horror flicks . . . Layered and full of action . . .

          This is one you will want to put in your collection." - Horror Society

"The acting is very good, the direction is superb and . . . the way the film is spliced together is one of the things that kept it interesting, giving the film a David Fincher feel . . .

          American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a gore lover's delight." - Thy Demons Be Scribblin (Feind)

"This movie shines out as a stunning celluloid achievement . . . One that shouldn't be missed . . .

          A very enjoyable excursion in to the realm of depravity and the unknown." - Thy Demons Be Scribblin (Cult)

"I you are a gore hound, you absolutely have to check out the film . . . Reed gets good performances out of his actors . . . There are some laugh-out-loud funny moments

          some very uncomfortable moments, some awesome kills and some really interesting ideas." - Dreadworld

"Remains tense and . . . entertaining throughout . . . a directorial effort that never forgets to create the proper atmosphere . . . Definitely worth a look!” - Search My Trash

"Gloriously gory . . . Possibly the most outrageous gore scene I have ever witnessed . . . EVER . . .

          A wicked sense of black humour . . . Reed has created some real mayhem." - Haddonfield Horror

"American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is in a category all its own - an ultra gory, in-your-face, 'Deliverance' inspired backwoods nightmare." - Johnny Veins

"Great story, good acting and excellent effects.  A must watch!" - The Horror Movies Blog

"This movie is a bloody gem . . . A highly recommended film for every twisted, sick, demented horror fan . . .

          It stands out among the other numerous backwoods horror flicks." ​- Rogue Cinema

"The first film I have ever witnessed that made me feel like I was using drugs when I was not . . . This film is not afraid to test boundaries . . .

          Slew Hampshire is a f*cked up place, but boy was it fun to visit." - Wicked Channel

​"Full of twists and turns and blood and guts.  It was a hell of a ride . . . I watched this movie and got a wicked case of the fuzzies." - Reel Bloody (Bruce)

"Man, was it a bloody mess!  Flood Reed is EXTREMELY talented." - Reel Bloody (Bob)

"The film carries an eerie, trippy vibe, mixed with a gritty film style.  The result is a terrifying atmosphere, with a constant feeling of dread . . . 

          A horrific film that makes 'Deliverance' look like a nice vacation in the woods." - Horror News Network

"This massacre is surely one that should be sitting on your shelf.  Highly recommended . . . Reed is poised to make a very big splash in the genre . . ." - Killer Reviews

"Witty blend of dark comedy . . . with moments of great gore . . . harrowing horror experience . . . gripping climax . . .

          Full of intense escapes, near misses and gory deaths, 'American Backwoods; Slew Hampshire' keeps viewers glued to the T.V." - Splats of Blood

​"This is a crystal clear example of when a horror flick nails it . . . Flood Reed does and impeccable job . . . A roller coaster from beginning to end." - The Movie Sleuth

"Disturbing and violently inappropriate . . . The film is a breath of vile air . . . It is horrific, but you can't not watch . . .

          This mess of hideousness is . . . exactly what the horror doctor ordered." - The Slaughtered Bird

"'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire' turns into the most insane film ever . . . Continually exceeding expectations and bending the conventions of horror . . .

          Super gory and even puts many torture porn films to shame." - The Movie Waffler

"Very intense . . . This is not for the faint of heart." - Wight Blood

"Gory as hell and utterly unpredictable . . . the film is brutal." - Ain't It Cool News (Best of the Year list)

"Brutal, bloody and shocking with a different kind of twist." - The Horror Hothouse

"Expertly paced . . . quite trippy . . . This is a really weird film." - The Rotting Zombie


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East Coast Cast & Crew Premiere (6/16/13 - Londonderry, NH)

10th Annual Rock & Shock Festival (10/18/13 - Worcester, MA)

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